Voting for GoF-rs

To receive your reward, you must vote at all the sites below, then click
"Request Auth Code" to get your auth code. The system does detect if you do not actually vote at
the sites. You will not receive the reward by just opening the sites.

Rules -> 1) You may vote every 12 hours 2) Using a proxy is prohibitted. 3) Auth codes are only valid for 12 hours. The more sites you vote on the better your reward.

  • Gold
  • Random items

Vote on these pages to increase the chance of getting a rare phat
Runescape top 200 Runescape Top 100 topofgames.com private server Top 100 Runescape sites\ Runescape private servers\ Vote on the RuneScape Top 200RuneScape Top 200 top-mmo.com runese-mmo.com